Mighty Atlas

Well, we’ve reached the two week post op point and Atlas is doing good coming off the tramadol and seeming more his loving sweet self.  About day 11 when his tramadol dose was lowered he seemed to have the realization that he was missing a leg. He had a tough night in distress and moving around a lot, but we made it through the night and things were much better the next day.  Today he is all wiggles happy and playing with Sophie.  She was so happy when Atlas gave the play signal she went into a wild zoomie fit and Marc and I just body blocked Atlas and we all had a good laugh, even Atlas had a big smile on his face.

Tomorrow we take him for his first round of chemo and get his staples out.  I’m a little nervous about the unknowns of how he’ll react to it, but I’m hoping for the best as that is what he’s shown us so far about how mighty his strength is.  He even chased squirrels yesterday and had a nice pogo looking jumps at the tree!  He was not pleased that mommy put an end to that so quickly.

we received our wonderful new ‘get a grip’ harness and are totally prepared to navigate those hospital floors.  Unfortunately the ‘climate changer’ shirt did not fit him or Sophie.  It’s those giant 13 inch elbows that just won’t go in the leg holes And where girth can be easily accommodated, the story of our lives is nothing had ever been large enough to accommodate those broad Dane chests.  We have ordered though Tripawds some garments from DogLeggs custome made for the buddy. Can’t wait to get the elbow pad!

We do have one pressure bed sore on his opposite side of the amputation that we are dealing with. It’s the only complaint about the hospital, he came home with pressure sores on elbow and side. At home we have beds stacked everywhere so we’re hoping to get them under control quickly. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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I have been an animal lover my whole life. My husband and I are middle aged, live in Georgia and are owned by our 2 dogs, 2 cats, 6 dairy goats and 6 laying hens. We work from home and feel so blessed that we get to spend all day everyday with our furkids.

One thought on “Mighty Atlas”

  1. Hey Atlas, don’t worry, getting stitches out is easy peasy, I know you’ll do great.

    So you’re off chasing skwirels again eh? Yaaay! Good for you! Isnt’ that the best feeling in the world? I know it made my momma practically cry the first time she saw me do it again with one front leg (but yeah she wouldn’t let me do that too often either!).

    Well I’m really sorry to hear about the Climate Changer not fitting. Dang! You and your sissy are pretty mighy dawgs cause that’s pretty rare. Let us know if we can do anything to help with getting you the right size pr an exchange OK? We also have an Angel Exchange if your people want to donate it to another Tripawd family in need.

    As for the elbow sore, did you see Elgin’s blog?

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