Atlas the Great Dane – 10 days post op

Atlas the Great Dane – 10 days post op.

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Author: atlasmom

I have been an animal lover my whole life. My husband and I are middle aged, live in Georgia and are owned by our 2 dogs, 2 cats, 6 dairy goats and 6 laying hens. We work from home and feel so blessed that we get to spend all day everyday with our furkids.

3 thoughts on “Atlas the Great Dane – 10 days post op”

  1. Okay Atlas…..could be me (highly likely) or could be on your end…but I wasn’t able to click onto video…..just said web page unavailable and to retry…..which I did and shall co tinue to do so:-) 🙂

    Regardless, congratulations on ten days out….and it only gets better:-)

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  2. Wow Atlas, that link was all wonky for sure. (That’s the technical explanation, by the way!)

    Tell your mom we fixed it for you. If she copies the “Share” link found under all your videos on Youtube, and pastes that link on a line by itself, the movie will automatically embed right here on your blog. Hope that helps! It’s great to see you gettin’ around so well. Thanks for the update.

  3. Okay, now that the “wonkey”….yay for kicking won key’s butt:-) , I was able to see the great video!

    Only tripawd parents go around trying to film peeing and pooping!! Doesn’t everyone??

    Sophie is so attentive to Atlas–clearly they are great pals!

    Atlas was doing everything possible to say, “But I don’t want to go to bed yet Mom!! Please, can I stay up just a little longer?? Please!?”

    You are doing great Atlas….and so is Mom!

    Sally and Happy Hannah

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